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LIFE IS SHORT. That may sound cliché, but life really is about experiences and living the best possible life – each and every day.
Our founder is a combat veteran that understands and has unfortunately seen firsthand how short life can be. He uses that past experience as motivation to focus on things he enjoys and help others live their best possible lives.
In 2019 he noticed that many veterans were using cannabis and CBD oil as an alternative to pharmaceuticals but were frustrated by the lack of access to clean pharmaceutical-grade, organic cannabinol products.  He searched the United States, Puerto Rico, Colombia, and other areas of the world for the highest quality cannabis related products.
As he shared what he found with friends and family members, it became clear veterans were not alone in their need for dependable high-quality products – so in 2019, Candelay Industries was born as a subsidiary of American Fiber to share the quality products he found.  We share these products with you as an Ambassador to quality.
His disciplined military background drives us to keep high standards as we look for partners that share our passion for quality.
James Brobyn is the CEO of American Fiber, a Combat-disabled veteran-owned company strategically focused on removing the stigma associated with cannabis, so that everyday, hardworking Americans can safely, simply and naturally gain access to products that will  enable them to live healthier, more active lives. James is also the former VP of Affiliate Operations for iVIK Holdings Ltd, a multi-national Canadian-based medical cannabis company. James is the founder of CauseEngine, former executive director of the Travis Manion Foundation and a former US Marine infantry officer. A US Naval Academy and University of Pennsylvania alum, James resides in Wilmington, DE.


Contact one of our representatives to learn more about Candelay, our family of products or discuss how we can help fulfill your needs for cannabis-related products.


Need help sourcing a product you don’t see on our site?  Need product packaged in a different way? We have lots of contacts and are always evaluating new products. Contact us, and let’s see how we can help you.


Find answers on topics from CBD Oil education to why we choose to focus on CBD oil from Colombia and how we choose our suppliers.
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