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Candelay Industries Collaborates with Organic Growth Holdings on First Import of CBD Distillate from

GREENVILLE, DELAWARE December 17, 2020 – Delaware-based Candelay Industries, the leading importer of cannabis-related products from Colombia and Organic Growth Holdings (OGH), the first and largest commercial Medicinal Hemp cultivator and processor in Jamaica, today, announced they have collaborated to begin importing CBD distillate from Jamaica to the United States.

OGH is the first company to organically extract CBD oil on the island from hemp, and the first to export.

“We are pleased to have been a part of this historic milestone for Jamaica’s burgeoning cannabis industry. Our good working relationship with regulators is one that we appreciate and value, and we look forward to working with Organic Growth Holdings,” said James Brobyn, CEO of Candelay. “As the industry changes, we feel it will be important for suppliers and manufacturers to have confidence in their supply chain,” Brobyn added.

“We chose Candelay for its professionalism and ability to efficiently navigate the complex US import processes,” said Robert Weinstein, President of OGH. “Every step of our process from hand planting our seeds, hand harvesting our plants and utilizing solely organic extraction methods in our cGMP facility, is executed to provide our customers with a differentiated premium quality CBD product. It was essential for us to have a US importer who understands and appreciates our focus to deliver this level of quality to our customers on a consistent basis,” Weinstein added.

“As we looked for a partner in Jamaica, OGH made perfect sense,” commented Brobyn. “The OGH team is professional, knowledgeable and collaborative. On top of that, their product is some of the best we have seen. From the clear golden color of the distillate, to the scientific confirmation of over 84% pure CBD it really made the decision easy,” added Brobyn.

OGH operates Jamaica’s largest craft medicinal hemp farm spanning 635 acres on the Long Pond Estate in Trelawny. OGH also is vertically integrated with a cGMP certified extraction facility and Lab. It is the first company on the island to manufacture and export local CBD oil to the United States.

“We have built Candelay with a foundation of ethics and integrity,” said Brobyn. “with the complexity of this industry and the level of scrutiny around importing cannabis related products, these fundamentals serve us well,” Brobyn added.

About Candelay Industries

Candelay Industries is a wholly owned subsidiary of American Fiber Co., and is a licensed importer of Colombian and Jamaican grown and derived cannabinol (CBD) products derived from the Cannabis Sativa L. flower for U.S. based manufacturers. As an importer and distributor of cannabis related products, their premium products range from full-spectrum CBD oil, to distillates and cannabinoid isolates. In addition, they offer a full range of importer services for international producers. For more information, visit or send an email to

About Organic Growth Holdings

Organic Growth Holdings is the first and largest commercial medicinal hemp CBD cultivator and processor in Jamaica. The mission of OGH is to provide the highest quality, organically extracted medicinal hemp products. For more information, please visit

Media Relations: OGH / Candelay

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