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Candelay Industries: The Gold Standard for Importing

Most CBD products sold in the United States are derived from US-grown hemp or CBD isolate imported, mostly, from China. This is not by choice, it’s a direct result of what is available to manufacturers to work with and the state laws that regulate supply.

Before 2018, high quality full-spectrum CBD oil could not be imported into the United States because it was still considered a controlled substance, despite the lack of THC. It was deemed too similar to its federally illegal cousin, marijuana. Hemp and marijuana are actually more like siblings of a common mother, Cannabis sativa L.

In 2018, the US Farm Bill legalized hemp and hemp extracts containing no more than 0.3 percent THC and CBD production in the US exploded. It also opened the US to CBD imports derived from hemp grown in countries ideally suited to grow this special crop.

Like coffee, cocoa and wine; there are places on earth hemp grows best due to consistent rainfall and sunlight. In short, hemp thrives in places where we like to vacation: tropical latitudes with 12 hours of sunlight per day all year and comfortable temperatures.

These are the places where most of the world’s CBD will be sourced as more and more equatorial countries adopt hemp-friendly laws to expand exports. Conversely, more US hemp cultivators will transition to growing hemp for other products such as textiles or may scale back overall production.

Fortunately, there are two countries that sit in ideal cultivation regions and through progressive laws have laid the foundation to be global leaders in hemp and marijuana cultivation: Jamaica and Colombia.

Since CBD’s legalization, Candelay has built relationships with exceptional cultivators and manufacturers in Colombia and Jamaica who have agreed to follow organic farming practices as well as all current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMPs) when growing and processing their product. GMPs are required by the US Food & Drug Administration for the production of all food ingredients, dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals sold in the United States. By insisting its suppliers comply with stringent US quality control standards, Candelay has guaranteed the highest-quality CBD products, grown and processed in the best locations on Earth.

Candelay has also built relationships with US, Colombian and Jamaican government regulators to ensure its products are properly classified, evaluated and approved by US Customs, DEA and FDA before entering the US Market. Once in the US, Candelay’s products are tested by a third-party accredited US laboratory to confirm purity, potency and compliance with US law.

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